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Saturday, March 4, 2023

AI: Friend or Foe? The Cybersecurity Implications of ChatGPT and AI tools

ChatGPT is an AI tool which has taken the world by storm, from writing full-length research papers to

its ability to write code in just a few seconds. Despite numerous benefits of this cutting-edge AI

technology tool, there are also security concerns which are being addressed by

Hornetsecurity will be hosting a live webinar on March 14 at 4:00pm CET to discuss both the

advantages of ChatGPT in terms of productivity and efficiency, as well as the potential risks

associated with its use.

Topics covered:

 How malicious actors can exploit the tool to write harmful code

 The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks

 Strategies for avoiding security breaches through improved security awareness and the use

of security solutions

 How Hornetsecurity’s AI solutions can help protect users from such threats

Register today to secure your spot and take part in the discussion.