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Monday, April 19, 2021

Check SSD Lifetime

 In today's post, we are going to explore how to check your SSD or NVME SSD lifetime.

You probably have this hardware running for quite some time. Each SSD or nvme has a lifetime based on usage on writing.


Download CrystalDiskInfo. Click here

[View output]

The following was my hardware screenshot:

a) SSD -480 GB. Currently 97% healthy.

b) SSD - 1 TB

c) NVME SSD - 512 GB

d) External HDD - 480 GB

e) External HDD -WD 2 TB

[Compare output]

Next is to use the brand and model to search for it original spec.

Example:- KINGSTON SA400S37480G. Refer to here and check for TBW [Total Bytes Written]

480 GB -> can support till 160 TB
960 GB -> can support till 300 TB

On CrytalDiskInfo, refer to Total NAND Writes, to see how much is current total write. 

ADATA nvme ssd:-

512GB -> 320 TB

On CrystalDiskInfo, refer to Total Host Writes. 

Currently, I have used 9320 GB. Roughly 9TB & still has a buffer to continue use: 311 TB