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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Setup Mail Backup as a Service Using Veeam

In today post, we are going to explore on providing Mail Backup as a Service using Veeam. As a service provider, you can start to provide  multi tenancy backup to Office365 users.

Here is a few comparison on different VB0365 deployment: on-prem, public cloud or service provider.


To do so, as a service provider you need to have:
- Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4a
- Veeam Backup for Office365 v3.0
- Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure

Let begin the configuration .....
Note:- This guide is not full configuration from step by step but it able to guide you to provide Mail Backup as a Service.

[Service Provider]

1. Infrastructure must be ready for Cloud Connect (Cloud Gateway, Cloud connect server, etc]
-> create a new tenant without any assign resources (backup or vm replication). We just need a tenant for accessing to Cloud Connect infrastructure.
Example: Office365User1 for one tenant.

2. Then, must install Veeam Backup for Office365 on the SAME server with Cloud Connect Server.

3. On Veeam Backup for O365 console, [under General option]

a) Configure enable authentication to enable tenant authentication using organization credential & instruct VB0365 to use SSL certificate.

b) Configure enable REST-API

NOTE:- You can use same certificate for both VB0365 and Veeam Backup Server -Cloud Connect.

3. Start to protect O365 tenant using MS organization credential. Use different repository for each tenant. Service provider should receive the tenant microsoft organization crendential to connect to the tenant office365. The same credential will be used by tenant to perform self service recovery.

Now, as a service provider, you have enabled your infrastructure to provide Mail Backup as a Service using veeam solution for multi tenancy.

Let look at another side...the tenant!


When come to disaster, tenant can use Veeam Explorer for Exchange, Sharepoint & OneDrive for Business to send self service recovery requests to the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 service provider server to restore their data. To do so,

1. Install Veeam Backup Server with Community Edition license. Tenant not require to purchase license.
2. Install Veeam Explorer from Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office365
3. Use VBR Console to connect to service provider. Located under Backup Infrastructure | Service Providers | Add Service Provider.

Use Office365User1 credential that you've created earlier to connect to service provider Cloud Connect.

4. Next, open Veeam Explorer for Exchange to add Store | Veeam Backup for MS Offfice 365 service provider

5. Select your service provider from pull down menu. This is available after added Service Provider in the Veeam Console.

Provide Microsoft Organization tenant credential . Same credential use when perform backup O365.

If credential correct, tenant able to view their organization data & perform granular item level recovery.

That's concluded our short guide.

Hope this help VCSP to start provide "Mail Backup as a Service"