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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Migrate Old Veeam Repository to New Repository

We are going to explore on how to migrate old veeam repository to new repository.

This usually happened when existing repository has insufficient storage to cater for data growth, ages hardware or migrate to new storage.

Most of the partner will deploy as standalone veeam repository. One of the traditional approach to migrate was using copy & paste existing backup data to new repository, rescan & reconfigure backup job

Well, this method is tedious process!

To do faster & easy migration, you just need to configure "Scale Out Backup Repository"- SOBR.

Without any hassle, follow these simple steps:
1. Create new repository for new storage
2. Create SOBR

3. Add old repository and new repository into SOBR. Previous backup job will modify to use SOBR

You can verify if previous backup job destination has changed.

5. Set maintenance mode on old repository

4. Use Evacuate.Backup data will move from old repository to new repository.

5. Remove old repository from SOBR

Thats should do the trick!

Good luck on migrate backup data from one repository to another repository