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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Central management for Stand Alone Veeam Agent

In this post, we will explore on how to central manage standalone veeam agent deployment.

With Veeam 9.5, you can perform central management on veeam agent data protection. Without uninstall veeam agent to manage workload protection, you can manage it from Veeam console. To do so, please follow the steps below:

[ Scenario ]

  • Manual deploy veeam agent on workload
  • Previously backup target point to Veeam Repository [optional]

[ Objective]

  • Perform central management using Veeam console
  • Agent become "manage agent"

[ Configuration ]

On Veeam console, those standalone agent will listed under "Unmanaged" 

Select the workload, right click to select Move to > New Protection Group

Create a new protection group

Provide credential to connect to workload Next follow the wizard to complete the protection group

After discovery, the agent will register to Veeam Backup Server.
Note: No deployment of veeam agent. Do note that previous backup job will be removed.

Previous backup data in repository  will reside under " Backup - Disk (Imported).

Now veeam agent is centrally managed. To start protection, create a backup job.
You can remove oldest backup data (under Backup- Disk imported) after successful create a backup. New backup set, will have new backup chain & will not combine with oldest backup data.

Hope this help to central manage veeam agent without uninstall the agent.