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Monday, May 27, 2019

Backup VM Replica Using Veeam

In this post, we are going to look on possible to backup VM replica using Veeam at DR Site.

Scenario is
a) replicated VM to DR Site using Veeam
b) backup VM Replica at DR Site.

[ Solution ]

Create a backup job & select Replica VM as source

Backup completed with warning "Changed block tracking cannot be enabled. One or more snapshot present".

Backup is successful with a warning message.

How about backup replica VM with application aware enabled?

 Backup will still continue successful but with same warning message. However guest application aware won't be performed. This is because replica vm is power off.
On backup job history, you can see message " Skipping guest processing . VM is powered off"

How about powered on replica ?

Backup is successful with warning message. - "CBT cannot be enabled". On backup job history, application aware processing is kick in when replica vm is powered on.
That's concluded our test to backup vm replica using veeam.

Good Luck on your test!