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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Backup to OneDrive Using Veeam Agent

Good news folk,

Veeam has just released a new update for Veeam Agent for Windows v2.1. This new update allows you to set Microsoft OneDrive as a new backup target.

You can use OneDrive Personal or OneDrive for Business.

This ensures we constantly protect our data & this option is useful for those users whose are always on the move.

Check out below configuration to backup your data using Veeam Agent to Microsoft OneDrive.


1. Configure a new policy. On destination page, select "Microsoft OneDrive" as target.

To connect to OneDrive, you need to enter your OneDrive credential.

I'm connecting using my personal outlook account.
If you use OneDrive apps, do remember to exclude "VeeamBackup" folder to avoid sync with your desktop/laptop.

Once connected, set your policy setting.


The backup will run according to schedule. To verify, login to OneDrive and you will notice that your backup data is stored in "OneDrive"

Start protecting your data and give it a try! For more detail, please refer to this link

[Update on 6 Jan 2018]
Free version of Veeam Agent only allow you to backup system state. To do full recovery, you need to use the paid version.

To learn on how to perform bare metal recovery from Microsoft OneDrive, please check out here.