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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Online session: Combining monitoring and analytics with SCOM + OMS

Are you one of the many that are wondering if you can and should use SCOM and OMS together? There has been a lot of discussion around the topic of OMS and whether it will fully replace SCOM’s monitoring capabilities. To clear the air, Savision will hold a live online session: “Combining Monitoring & Analytics with SCOM and OMS”.

Hosted by Savision’s Support Manager – Chris Malay, the session will feature renowned Microsoft MVPs Thomas Maurer & Dieter Wijckmans, who will answer all your questions regarding SCOM & OMS.

The session will be held on Thursday, June 22nd at 4PM CEST | 10AM EDT | 9 AM CDT


  • What is new in OMS? | OMS Service Map | OMS Log Analytics
  • Is OMS a replacement for SCOM? | Why doesn’t OMS do monitoring? | Why do you still need SCOM?
  • How to get better insights from your data using advanced dashboards for SCOM + OMS
  • Demos and real-use cases from the field

Don’t miss out on this session. To register, click here.