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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Azure Mobile App

During Build 2017, Microsoft has released an Azure Mobile App for IOS and Android.

The Microsoft Azure app helps you keep track of your resources while on-the-go:
- Stay connected to the cloud and check status and critical metrics anytime, anywhere
- Stay informed with notifications and alerts about important health issues 
- Stay in control of your resources and take corrective actions, like starting and stopping VMs and web apps

Here are the screenshot of the app:-

Download the app "Microsoft Azure" from iTunes or Google Play

Enter azure credential

View Azure failure on the notification

On Resource, you can view Azure resources that you've provision.

Click the "star" to set the resources as Favorite

Click on Favorite to easily access the resources

On Compute Virtual machines, you can stop, start & connect to virtual machines.

App name:- Microsoft Azure

To download:-

Android -