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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Perform Instant File Recovery on Azure VM

This features is currently under preview which called "Restore-as as Service". During our testing on Azure IaaS VM Backup, we found an option called "File Recovery (Preview). Instant Restore allow you to quickly mount recovery volumes, browse through it and recover items by simply copying from the recovery volumes to a destination of your choice.

To test this feature, remember to configure Azure IaaS VM Backup first. Refer to our previous post here:-

Video Summary:-
  • Execute File Recovery from Azure Portal
  • Copy the script into a Virtual Machine
  • Run the script
  • Copy your files
  • Unmount the disk after recovery
  • Need to download executable script, copy into VM and run it
  • Dismount from Azure Portal.
  • Limitation of recovery a files larger than 10GB.