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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Configure Azure IaaS VM Backup

In this post, we will look on use Azure IaaS VM Backup to backup virtual machine resides on Microsoft Azure

Video Summary:-

  • Create Azure Recovery Vault to store backup VM
  • Configure Backup Policy to backup VM
  • Set VMs to backup
  • Configure policy and set retention daily, weekly, monthly & yearly
  • Execute to perform backup (manually)


  • protect & recover VM on Microsoft Azure natively
  • Support backup Windows/Linux VM
  • able to restore entire virtual machine
  • able to restore virtual disk
  • able to perform file recovery by mounting to VM. (under preview during our testing)

a) Unable to delete previous policy unless stop Backup
b) Unable to modify policy that has configure
c) Only store to Azure backup vault
d) No compression/deduplication functionality