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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Configure HPE StoreOnce Catalyst

It is time for us to add a deduplication appliance on our test environment. The cheapest way is getting a VSA and lucky HPE provide HPE StoreOnce Catalyst -1TB free.

1. Download the HPE StoreOnce Catalyst from HPE. Get the link below

2. Extract it and import into Vmware/Hyper-V Host. Depend on which platform that you download from HPE website.

3. By default, it will require 2 vcpu, 16GB of memory and disk 1 use 50GB. Create a thin provisioning disk - 1TB as 2nd Disk.

4. Boot up the VSA. Login using the following credential
username: Admin
password: admin

5. Type 
net set wizard to start the configuration

6. Follow the wizard to configure the network setting. Below is the screen shot of our configuration
  • DNS -,
  • Use Single Port
  • eth1
  • Static ip address -, 
  • Subnet mask
  • Gateway -

Once complete the configuration, you can use browser. Just use the static ip that you have entered in previous step.

Next is configure StoreOnce Catalyst Store. (StoreOnce Catalyst | Store | Create)

  • Veeam-Repo1
  • Primary Transfer Policy - Low Bandwidth
  • Physical Disk size - 500GB

Set permission (Storeonce Catalyst | Clients | Add)

  • Client - Veeam
  • Description: Veeam Backup
  • Password : (secret)
  • Allow catalyst store creation, manage server properties, manage client permission

Simply right!. We just setup HPE StoreOnce Catalyst VSA and configure a Store. We will use this as Veeam backup repository in our next port.

To get HPE StoreOnce Catalyst -1TB free, please go to link