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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Build Nano Server Using Nano Server Image Builder Tool

Time for us to build nano server, the easier way by using Nano Server Image Builder.

To do so, you need

Start the builder!
Here is quick screenshot:-
(a) 2 options - create an virtual image or to bootable USB media.

I just select "Nano Server Image" as i am going to use on my lab environment.

p/s:- click the image to view in large mode

(b) Enter Windows Server 2016 iso

(c) Select Virtual machine image, output name, size and log 

(d) Select Nano server edition & select packages to deploy. I'm selecting Hyper-V roles.
Now it is much more easier.

(e) any driver. Just add-on

(f) enter nano computer name & administrator password

(g) Select join to domain and enter domain name

(h) Put network information.

(i) Finally click "Create Nano Server image"

It will take the builder to create an image. Without you realise, it will complete within few minutes.

Give it a try! Enjoy!