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Friday, September 23, 2016

Seeding Backup Copy Job

In order to achieve 3-2-1 rule, you can use "Backup copy Job" on Veeam to duplicate primary site backup data to remote site.

If you try using Veeam Console, you may not see the option to configure seeding on the User Interface. Seeding allow you to reduce the bandwidth use by having similar full copy set at DR and only sync the incremental changes.

Here is process to achieve seeding objective for Backup Copy Job:

1. Existing you have configure VM Backup Job on 1st Repository. (Consist full backup data & incremental)
2. Configure a Backup Copy Job to 2nd Repository. This will copy full copy & incremental to 2nd Repository.
3. Manually copy backup data from step 2 to Remote Site Repository which still at Primary Site. Once completed, you can ship this new repository to DR Site.
4. Rescan Remote Site Repository. Configure another backup copy job and map target to backup data from step 3

Below is the screen of backup data at Remote Site Repository
  • VBK (full copy) - 1st Backup Copy Job name
  • VIB  (incremental copy) - 2nd Backup Copy Job name

Below is the summary of backup copy job process. From here, no full copy of data is transfer to DR. Therefore, seeding process is successful and we able to save Internet bandwidth.