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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Webinar - Get the big picture of your IT environment

If you are having that problem within your organization to get the big picture of your IT environment, you cannot miss the upcoming live online sessions that Savision will be hosting. They will show you how to aggregate and analyze dispersed data from systems like SCOM, Azure, SolarWinds, Nagios, ServiceNow, with more to come.

The sessions will walk you through the process of how connecting this data can improve your IT operations. They will also show you how to unify your teams and obtain a holistic view of your IT environment by connecting your already in place ITSM & Monitoring systems. Join one of two sessions where you will find out more about how to:

- Find out your organization's IT Maturity level, improve it and benchmark it against competitors
- Connect the IT, the helpdesk and the business departments
- Aggregate and analyze dispersed data from your existing systems and obtain actionable information

The sessions will be hosted by Savision's CTO, Rob Doucette and co-founder & VP of Product Management, Dennis Rietvink. Register on one of the following dates, depending on your time zone.
  • US Session: Tuesday, June 21st - 2PM EDT | 8PM EST
  • EU Session: Thursday, June 23rd - 8AM EDT | 2PM EST

Click here to register.