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Friday, May 20, 2016

Get the big picture from Azure or multiple SCOM management groups

Get the big picture from Azure or multiple SCOM management groups

If you are using Azure and SCOM or multiple SCOM management groups, then you are familiar with how difficult is it to control alerts or making sense of all the complex and technical data that they generate. If you are getting information from these different monitoring systems but are unable to connect the data to get the big picture of what’s happening in your IT environment, then you should read Savision’s newest whitepaper. The whitepaper explains how getting the big picture from your ITSM and monitoring systems is what organizations needs to take IT to the next level.

If you are using SCOM and Azure and multiple monitoring systems and can't put all this data in a business context, it's time for you to take your IT to the next level and take your monitoring to another level. The Cloud and multi-sourcing have made the IT world to keep getting more complex. Organizations are getting more siloed with different teams using their own monitoring tools, while no one gets the big picture and the business keeps pressuring IT departments to be aware of how having downtime affects the business.

It’s time for IT departments to become business partners and get the service intelligence they need to solve service outages faster. If you want your IT department to become more mature and be a partner to the business, then you cannot miss Savision’s newest whitepaper called ‘Business Service Intelligence: How can IT become business partners?

The whitepaper tells you in 5 steps how to take your IT department to another level. If you have more than one SCOM management group, Azure or multiple monitoring systems, you do should not miss this whitepaper.

You can download the whitepaper here