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Monday, September 14, 2015

Win 2016 TP3: Use Microsoft Azure Storage as Cloud Witness


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With Windows Server 2016 TP3, we can assign Microsoft Azure as Cloud Witness, a new type of quorum for Failover clustering. Unlike File Witness, we no longer need to use 3rd datacenter. Just use Azure Blob Storage as Cloud Witness. (Not Azure Virtual Machine)

To do so, create a new Azure Storage.


Once Azure storage has created, take note the primary key.


One same Azure Storage can use for multiple cluster

Then use Failover Cluster Manager snap-in to assign cloud witness as quorum. Right click cluster name | More Actions | Configure Cluster Quorum Settings


Select the quorum witness


  • Select Configure a Cloud Witness


Enter Microsoft Azure Storage account name and primary key that you’ve created in previous steps.



End result after assigned Cloud Witness on Failover Cluster Manager.


End result on Microsoft Azure Management Portal. It contain one small blog file. A very data written per blog file updated only once when cluster nodes state changes.


You do not need to worry about cost as the file is quite small.