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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Whitepaper : “Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to build You (Hyper-V) datacenter Disaster Recovery Plan

Savision has released a new whitepaper written by MVP Peter de Tender, called ‘Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to build your (Hyper-V) datacenter Disaster Recovery Plan'. The whitepaper explains how you can leverage on the power of Microsoft Azure for building a Hyper-V based datacenter disaster recovery plan and how you can migrate your in-house VM’s to Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing uptime and availability of the machine and the applications to your end-users. If you are not using Hyper-V yet, Azure Site Recovery can also act as failover for your VMware or physical host platform.

Download the whitepaper now so you can start understanding the possibilities of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery. There will also be webinars too, so stay tuned for when the dates are announced.


Download the whitepaper: