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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Convert Different Virtual Images with a Free Tool: Starwind V2V Convertor (New Release!)

StarWind is mainly focusing on developing of software, which creates VM storage, StarWind Virtual SAN, and we always use it in our test and production environment.


But don’t forget that the company does have other products as well. One of them is StarWind V2V Converter which is just a small thing compared to StarWind Virtual SAN, but it is a very cool one)

Are you looking for the best V2V Convertor?


Hehehe…Guess what? We have just got an opportunity to test the latest Starwind V2V Convertor.

The recently released StarWind V2V Converter V8 Build 162 has the following new features:

  • Red Hat KVM hypervisor and QCOW2 virtual machine images;
  • “Stream-optimized” compressed VMDK format widely used with VMware OVF virtual appliances;
  • Virtual emulated hardware update together with VM format charge;
  • Let’s walkthrough the unique features during our testing below.

[Our test scenario]

  • Source : Vmware virtual images (*.vmdk)
  • OS : Win 2008 R2
  • Mode: Offline
  • Perform V2V Conversion: from VMware to Hyper-V
  • A copy of Starwind V2V Convertor: version is 8.0.162


[ Wizard Configuration ]

  • The installation process was straight forward without any issues.
  • Start the program and point to your VMware virtual disk (*.vmdk). Below is the list of images that can be converted by StarWind V2V Converter:


Quite a long supported virtual image list!… clip_image010

Next select the destination image format. We can select from Vmware VMDK to

  • Vmware (for Workstation or ESX use)
  • Hyper-V (VHD or VHDX)
  • Raw Image (.IMG). This image suitable for Starwind use
  • QCOW2 disk image


On next page of the wizard, you have an option to use “Activate Windows Repair Mode”.

“How does it differ from other V2V Conversion tools available in the market?”

Unlike Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter and VMware vCenter built-in Converter StarWind V2V Converter has a Windows Repair Mode feature which allows virtual machines to adapt to new virtual hardware environment of a new hypervisor automatically and negate any compatibility problems.



Once you click Next, the V2V Conversion will start. You may take a quick break and come back later to check the progress.

[Conversion process]

This is the screenshot during the StarWind V2V Conversion, you will notice “Windows Repair mode” has kicked in.


[ Verification ]

  • Attach the converted virtual disk using Hyper-V Manager snap-in
  • Boot up the virtual machine
  • Voila! V2V Conversion is successful and verified working in our test environment.

[ Download ]

Stay tuned to StarWind V2V Converter official page:- and download it for FREE!

Hope you enjoy the Starwind V2V Convertor as much as we do.