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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Azure AD Cloud App Discovery in MarketPlace


Do you still remember about Cloud App Discovery which use to discover SaaS use on-premise for Azure Active Directory? If not, you can recall by refer to

Cloud App Discovery provides a comprehensive view into your cloud app usage, enabling you to address Shadow IT.

  • Measure app usage by: number of users, volume of data, and web requests
  • Identify which users are using an application
  • Export data for additional analytics
  • Easily manage applications with Azure Active Directory to enable single sign on (SSO) and user management

During our recent check out, Cloud App Discover (Preview) has moved and make available on Azure MarketPlace.

  • Go to
  • Go to MarketPlace
  • Search for “Azure AD Cloud App Discovery” – Product is located in Security + Identity.


Only global administrators or delegated users, with AD Premium license assigned can onboard or use Microsoft Cloud App Discovery.

After created “Cloud App Discovery”, Click on Settings | Manage Agents


On Manage Agent page, click Download button and install on your target machine to start collecting information.

[Our initial result]



So what are you waiting for? Head there and start discovery your user famous SaaS application, collect utilization and manage it using Azure AD.