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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) Backup Summary Report


DPM  by default included with default reporting on the product. Below are the reports available and most of the time is insufficient for reporting.


Therefore we dig further and found UR5 for DPM has enhanced reporting with Data Protection Manager Central Console. However at this moment of writing this post, we found out that this MP has pull back and unavailable. We’re stuck without any other report.


Hmm…then we are lucky to found out that System Center MVP, Steve Buchanan has released “DPM Backup Summary Report” and we decide to explore the report. Time to import the report into DPM Report Server and able to see the result of report.

[DPM Pre-requisite ]

This report works with

  • DPM 2010
  • DPM 2012
  • DPM 2012 SP1
  • DPM 2012 R2

[ Report ]

The report provides

  • Ability to select day, week, month (Time range)
  • Ability to select a single server or many
  • Ability to select a single protection group or many
  • Ability to select disk, tape or both backup type
  • Summary of the backup success and failures with a percentage of the successes (Success Rate/SLA)
  • Health trend of backups (day, week, month)
  • Backup detail including:Individual data sources (What was actually backed up)
  • The status including the error (if there is an error)
    • Date and time the backup was created
    • How much data was transferred during the backup
    • Total time it took to backup to complete



DPM Backup Report Summary can export to


From a single pane of glass, the report provide a good reporting and information require by an administrator.

If you’re interested to get it , please feel free to download from Technet Gallery DPM Backup Summary