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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Azure Active Directory Access Panel on Google Play Store


The Access Panel is a web based portal that allows an end user with an organization account in Azure Active Directory to view and launch cloud based application to which they have been granted access by the Azure AD administrator. You can view the portal from this link.

Some of you may prefer to access from android devices compare to use browser and may curious if an app is available on Google Play Store. Well, the answer is “Yes”. Microsoft has released an app called “My Apps Azure Active Directory”.


To download, click here

Let have a quick walkthrough on the app.

1. Sign in using Azure AD Account. Once key in your user account, page will changed to company branding page.


2. Once authenticated, you able to access and view your application.


3. Click on the application and you’ll redirected without enter your password as SSO has kicked in.

To navigate back to your application, you need to click on “My Apps” logo. A bit not user friendly since user may find it difficult to locate. Probably the best is add a HOME button, what do you think? Give it a try and provide feedback at Google Play Store to improve the application.