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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Backup VMM Database By Using Orchestrator


Let have a look on how to configure Runbook to assist us on perform VMM backup based on schedule.



[ Activities ]

  • Monitor Date/ Time – runbook execute based on predefine schedule
  • Run .Net Script – execute powershell command
  • Send Event Log Message – display status of the backup in event log

[ Monitor Properties ]


[ Run .Net Script Properties]



Install VMM Administrator Console on the machine that you need to use execute and enter the following into Run .Net Activity

$session =New-PSSession -ComputerName 'ICG-AP-VMM01'
Invoke-command -session $session -scriptblock {

import-module 'VirtualMachineManager'
Get-VMMServer "ICG-AP-VMM01" | backup-vmmserver -path D:\Backup
Remove-PSSession $session
Remove-Module 'VirtualMachineManager' -force

[Send Event Log Properties]


Check in the runbook and click RUN. The runbook will run based on the schedule that you’ve configure.