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Friday, November 7, 2014

Migrate Your Existing Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database


We just play around with SQL 2014 and saw an option to migrate to Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Here is a quick test on the migration

1. Use SQL Management Studio

2. Right click database, select Task | Deploy database to Windows Azure SQL Database


3. Follow the wizard


4. On deploy settings, enter your Azure SQL Database Server and correct credential.

Select the Tier that your would like migrate to. At this moment, Web and Business Tier. Do take note that these Tier going to retired starting from next year Sept 2015. Just select Web Tier and we will change to supported Tier later.


5. Select Finish to start the migration



End result, make sure result indicated “Success”


Finally login to Microsoft Azure Portal, select SQL Database | Databases | select Scale tab and change your Web Tier to either Basic , Standard or Premium.


Different tier of Azure SQL Database:-

  • Basic – small database (till 2GB) with a single operation at a given point in time. In term of reliability, it is per hour.
  • Standard- workgroup and cloud application with multiple concurrent transaction. Database size till 250GB and reliability per minute.
  • Premium – Mission critical, high transactional volume with many concurrent users. Database size till 500 GB with reliability per second.

* Basic, Standard and Premium tier will exit preview pricing on 1st Nov 2014.