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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Transfer Files to Virtual Machine in Windows Azure ?

[ Updated : 27 December 2015]

When you are using VMM or Hyper-V Manager console, we always use network or bind to iso to transfer file to virtual machine. With Windows Server 2012 R2, we can leverage on using Enhance Session Mode to copy & transfer file. If you’re setting up a virtual machine at Windows Azure, you may wonder on how to transfer a large file to virtual machine. Here is one of option that you can use
1. Start your VM at Windows Azure
2. Go to Virtual Machine | Select your VM and click Connect

3. Save the rdp file
4. Before connect to the virtual machine, right click and edit the rdp file
4. Click to Local Resources tab and click More button at local devices and resources
5. Do select the drives which consist of your data. This will map the drive to the virtual machine.
6. Then connect to VM by using the rdp file. After login in, go to My Computer and you will be able to view your local drives map to the virtual machine. From there, just copy & paste your file to the virtual machine

Do take note that RDP has a limit of 2 GB per file. To overcome 2GB limit, you can refer to our previous post:- FastSCP post as well as to

Hope this info assist you.