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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unboxing StorSimple


This is weird post. Most people post when unboxing new smartphone or new tablet. But I’m posting about my experience on unboxing StorSimple Box. Anyway, let start unboxing

1st experience when unbox and take out the Storsimple unit:-

It’s heavy. The unit itself is 32 kg. Therefore it is recommended to have two people handle the box and mount to rack.


This is how the StorSimple 2U box look like. The front panel and hard disk is in white color. You can look closer on the diagram below hard disk :



How about at the back? The unit came with two redundant power supply and two controller which is running as active/passive with four Ethernet connection


IMG_20140212_081256 IMG_20140212_081248

Lastly the accessories:-


First time configuration, you need to use the serial cable which provided. If you are using Windows 8.1, then you need to download Tera Term (terminal emulation) to configure management IP address. Once you’ve configure the management IP , then you can manage using web browser with Silverlight supported.

Power on

Here you need to get travel adapter to convert power socket(different country-not sure which country) to 3pin. Make sure to plug both or else the unit will keep giving continuously beep sound. Trust me, it is very annoying sound.

Before you proceed further, it is recommended to upgrade the firmware to the latest. You can get it from StorSimple site.

Once you have do that, make sure no hardware alert detected by the system. If got then you need to resolve it before can proceed for firmware upgrade.

Well, that’s all for now…Let me enjoy playing with the physical box.

Power off

After turn off the power supply, the box still got electricity for few minutes. Probably it is a protection mechanism to save the configuration to controller and avoid data corruption.

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