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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hybrid Cloud Integrated Solution From Microsoft



Guess what is this box? HP Lefthand, DELL Equal Logic, Compellent, 3 PAR…. Well it’s StorSimple! Last year, Microsoft has acquired Storsimple – “Hybrid Cloud Integrated Solution” for Windows and Vmware environment.

StorSimple cloud-integrated storage provides primary storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery, combined with Windows Azure. This allows you to optimize total storage costs and increase data protection and service agility. With StorSimple, you can integrate the public cloud with on-premises storage to reduce datacenter infrastructure complexity, maximize data protection, reduce overall storage total cost of ownership (TCO) by 60-80%, and provision storage more rapidly to reclaim IT time cycles.

I just get my hand on it and will demo this appliance during Microsoft Cloud OS day @ Singapore on this coming 17 Oct 2013.

What’s so great about this appliance compare to other storage appliance?

1. Integrated with SSD, SAS disk

2. Included Automated Storage Tiering

3. Included Deduplication feature

4. Included Compression feature

5. Included AES 256 military grade encryption for all data transferred and stored in the cloud using a private key that is known only to customers. One of the concern that most customer is how secure the data transfer and data kept on cloud. Well, with StorSimple, they can rest assure that their data is secure with AES –256-CBC military grade encryption- the strongest commercially available encryption to encrypt data stored on the cloud storage service. Then Storsimple, take advantages of SSL for data in motion (when reading or writing to the cloud storage service). Besides that, StorSimple also worked with cloud storage service provider to support Multi Factor Authentication.

Still worry about security? Well, you can deploy Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which effectively isolate and dedicate connection to cloud storage provider for your use only.

6. Thin, Reduced Snapshot

7. One of the most obvious feature that a lot of storage appliance don’t have is “Integrate with Windows Azure Cloud”. This allow customer to use cloud as Secondary Data Center and perform recover in any data center.

It is certified by Microsoft and Vmware.

Windows Server 2008 Certifiedwindows cert2013vmware ready small

If you want to learn more, please check out StorSimple website.

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