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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Create Cluster Which Resides in Different OU


This scenario is applicable when you have restricted environment and all the computer object account is located in different OU. (Not using default Computer container)

By default, computer object was created and put into default container : Computer. Here is my scenario:-

a) Create cluster using Windows Server 2012

b) Cluster is up and running without any problem.

c) Problem occurred when created file share or Scale Out file Server. Both roles failed to bring up.


a) Create a cluster using full distinguished name during Create Cluster Wizard.


CN – MS4UCluster01, OU = TestOU, DC=ms4u, DC=infro


  • Domain =
  • New OU  = TestOU
  • Cluster object name (CNO) = MS4UCluster01


A cluster name object (CNO) will be created under TestOU container. Then to allow other computer object created for general file share or scale out file server, you need allow CNO computer object to be able to create Virtual Computer Object (VCO).

Therefore, go to TestOU and set permission Create Computer Object for MS4UCluster01 (CNO).

Then you will be able to bring the both roles up.

Alternative solution:-

  • Create Cluster Computer Object and Virtual Computer Object using default Computer container.
  • Manually move to designated OU. (TestOU)

Thanks to the following blog which provides the guidance: