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Friday, February 15, 2013

Out Of Office–Journey to MVP Summit 2013



Hi folks,

I will be away to MVP Global Summit 2013, Microsoft headquarters in Redmond ,Washington from 15 – 24th Feb 2013.So during this period, I won’t be blogging and remind myself again of not blogging through out the periods of the event due to strict NDA.

The following items is packed during my journey to the west:-

a) Nexus 7 tablet + Keyboard.- Still guessing will i be blacklisted when bringing other tablet besides than Surface.

b) Powerbank – To keep my gadget running during the flight from MY-> NRT –> LAX –> SEA

c) USB To Go cable – for me to use with tablet and USB Thumb drive (which contains tons of movie to keep me occupy during 30+ hours flight)

d) Laptop – still thinking why I bring this bulky gadget?

e) External USB HDD – to copy stuff (in case). But normally wont have anything to copy back due to NDA.

f) Travel Adaptor – a must items to keep my gadget running.


Do I miss anything behind? Hope not!. See you all after 25th Feb 2013