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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Error Message “Video Remoting Was Disconnected” When VM Connect to a Virtual Machine



Several virtual machine are running on a Hyper-V Machine but then when you try to remote into a VM using Hyper-V Manager or Failover Cluster Manager snap-in but was not able to connect to the VM. The error message that you received was

“Video Remoting Was Disconnected”.

Few things that you’ve try:-

a) Turn off VM and boot up that VM

b) RDP to VM and can access

But each time when try console using Hyper-V Manager snap-in, you will receive “Video Remoting Was Disconnected”. Plan to restart the entire Hyper-V Host, but cannot as i got a lot of Production virtual machine which is running.


Therefore this is one of the trick that i have tried

1. Go to physical NIC and disable

a) TCP Connection Offload (Ipv4 /ipv6)

b) TCP/UDP Checksum Offload (Ipv4 / ipv6)


Then i try again and was able to connect to the VM without any problem. So give it a try and this solution probably will fix your issue.