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Monday, December 3, 2012

Veeam Backup Management Suite 6.5 for Hyper-V


[Update on Veeam product]

Introduce NEW Veeam Backup Management Suite—for even more proficient data protection and virtualization management!

Admins can now get advanced monitoring for Veeam backup infrastructure, including:

  • Monitoring the age and size of snapshots
  • Alerting you when guest disks used for backup repositories are getting full
  • Keeping track of the VM power state of your backup proxies and repositories
  • Collecting and analyzing datastore I/O metrics to detect and resolve performance problems

Check out the product page here! Watch two videos for an even better understanding of the product:

Veeam Backup Management Suite 6.5 – Advanced monitoring for backup
Veeam Backup Management Suite 6.5 – Advanced reporting and capacity planning for backup