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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Configure Port ACL in Hyper-V



In this article, we will look on how to configure Port ACL (Access Control List) in Hyper-V to provide additional security in the virtualization infrastructure. If you are familiar with Cisco switch, probably you know the function of  ACL. Both is similar and the purpose is to filter  ingress and egress traffic based on conditions specified in the ACL.

By default, when create a virtual network adapter there is no ACL on it.

Command to use on configure Port ACL:-


Scenario on my test environment:-

  • Only allow HR User (reside in subnet to access HR Virtual machine (name: VM1).
  • Prevent Subnet and from accessing HR VM


Note:- above scenario is just one of the sample scenario.

To configure port ACL, you need to use Powershell. No GUI !

Description on how to to add Port ACL:-

Command to use: Add-VMNetworkAdapterACL

  • Specify the VM name to apply the ACL
  • Remote IP Address (Ipv4 or Ipv6) or Remote Mac Address
  • Direction – Inbound traffic, OutBound traffic, Both (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Action – Allow traffic, Deny traffic, Meter – to measure traffic
Add-VMNetworkAdapterACL –VMName VM1 –RemoteIPAddress –Direction Both –Action Allow
Add-VMNetworkAdapterACL –VMName VM1 –RemoteIPAddress –Direction Both –Action Deny
Add-VMNetworkAdapterACL –VMName VM1 –RemoteIPAddress –Direction Both –Action Deny


To view the ACL result



To remove Port ACL (one ACL at a time):-

Command to use: Remove-VMNetworkAdapterACL

Remove-VMNetworkAdapterACL –VMName VM1 –RemoteIPAddress –Direction Both –Action Allow
Remove-VMNetworkAdapterACL –VMName VM1 –RemoteIPAddress –Direction Both –Action Deny
Remove-VMNetworkAdapterACL –VMName VM1 –RemoteIPAddress –Direction Both –Action Deny

To remove entire Port ACL that apply to VM1:-

Get-VMNetworkAdapterACL VM1 | Remove-VMNetworkAdapterACL