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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Create Linux VM Template in VMM 2012


Let have a look on how to create a linux vm template to use for virtual machine provisioning.

Alright, i’m using Suse Linux Enterprise 11 and you can download the evaluation for 60 days. To request an evaluation, click here.

1. Install Suse Linux operating system using Hyper-V.

Remember to install Linux Integration Component for other linux distribution. For Suse Linux, these has already pre-built.

You can refer to here on how to get the Linux Integration Component.

2. Once complete, shutdown the virtual machine and use VMM to create a template.

Hmmm…Do i need to sysprep the Linux VM before create a template. Well, the answer is “No”. For linux VM, you do not need to sysprep linux VM. Linux doesn't have SIDs and it's not registered, so there's nothing to do to "prepare" it. When create a linux VM, below is the step that you need to configure.

3. On the VM Template configuration, you should configure ‘None-customization not required” in the Guest OS Profile.


4. After finish creating a Linux VM Template, you can deploy to your environment.

Remember to manually change the the setting in the Linux VM once the VM has deploy.