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Sunday, May 20, 2012

SMI-S Provider Available in StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V


Not long ago, i have talk about SMI-S Provider which you need to have in order to manage storage via VMM 2012. You can check out the previous blog:- Click here

Then recently, Starwind (one of my blog sponsor) has given me the NFR key to evaluate StarWind Native SAN and Hyper-V Backup.

Well, what’s the heck? Just download, play around and see how the product work.

Login to the portal and found out a word that interesting me.


Guess what? SMI-S Provider for VMM 2012! Wow..If you refer to my blog, only certain SMI-S provider is supported and available. Most of them is only available on expensive and new physical hardware and you cannot test managing storage with VMM 2012.

This is so sad . Sad smile but all this going to change soon since Starwind has just released SMI-S Provider on their Hyper-V Native SAN.

1. Well, to begin i have downloaded the Starwind Native SAN for Hyper-V and  the SMI-S Provider preview for VMM 2012. Install it and configure the iSCSI Target .

2. Create classification in the VMM 2012


3. Add the Starwind SMI-S Provider into VMM 2012. Just key in the IP address of the Starwind Hyper-V Native SAN and port number 5989 and specify the Run As account. The Run As Account is the local administrator password of the Starwind Native Hyper-V SAN physical server/vm.



4. On the Gather Information page, VMM will be able to detect the Starwind SMI-S Provider.

5. On Storage Pool, tick the storage and assign the classification.

6. Here is how I've assigned Storage to Bronze classification.


Well, at least now i can test manage my storage via VMM 2012. Thanks to Starwind to make this feature available on their Native Hyper-V SAN.

Do check out their trial version by clicking this link and test the feature yourself.