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Sunday, April 15, 2012

VMM Configuration Analyzer 2012 (VMMCA)


VMMCA is a tool that you should use before start to deploy VMM 2012. This tool is provided free by Microsoft. It is  a diagnostic tool that you can use to evaluate important post-installation configuration settings for computers that either might serve or are serving VMM roles or other VMM functions.


1. Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0 – Click here to download

2. Download VMMCA :- Click here

3. Install VMM 2012 Administrator Console

Supported product : VMM 2012


1. Once complete, start Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer first and then select System Center 2012– VMM Configuration Analyzer


2. Enter the following parameter and click Start Scan


3. VMM CA will scans the hardware and software configurations of the computers you specify, evaluates them against a set of predefined rules, and then provides you with error messages and warnings for any configurations that are not optimal.

Below is the sample scanning result:-