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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Testing Deploy or Upgrade My Blog With Services Management Using VMM 2012


In today post, i am NOT going to talk about configuration. Just to share some common scenario that you can use Service Management in VMM 2012.

Most organization has Company Web Site, use Network Load Balancer and most important is often update the web site with the latest content.

Well, i don’t have company website but this is how i plan around with Service Management in VMM 2012

    • Content: My Blog (
    • NLB     : Microsoft Network Load Balancing

Simple scenario:-

a) Created My Blog Website and use Service Template to deploy.


Service Template deployed. Use Microsoft Network Load Balancing to round robin the traffic into 2 web server virtual machine. If traffic increase, i can easily scale out the web server without any problem. Scale out refer to create additional virtual machine with the web site content.

Below is the figure depicted 2 VM for Web Tier. Each VM deployed is included with My Blog content.


My Blog Web Site content 1.0 result:-


When time pass by, i do need to make changes on the Website. Let say, upgrade my website content to 1.1. All you need to do is make necessary changes and push to your Services that you have created in VMM 2012.


It is just a simple click and automatically the content is push to entire Web Server. One of the cool feature about “Services” is it allow you to revert to previous content with just a click. Service Management in VMM 2012 allow you to perform above task without causing any damage to the existing Web Server operating system as content and operating system are separate.

Now let recap on the benefit of using “Services”

  • Scale Out Virtual Machine based on demand
  • Easily deploy Web Site content to entire Web Tier
  • Easy to apply/revert changes
  • Image based deployment. Operating system and Content are separated.