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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Replication using Veeam Backup and Replication 6 For Hyper-V



Hi everyone, before any future product launching from Microsoft side, i took this opportunity to review our blog sponsor product. Last round, i’ve covered albout Altaro Hyper-V Backup V3. In this article i will cover about Veeam Backup and Replication 6 for Hyper-V. I’m interested on Replication feature therefore this article will talk about setting up replication by using 2 Hyper-V Host Server. From the configuration step below, we will explore on how to achieve replication using Veeam product.

Before we start, make sure you have download the software and get the free NFR license. To get it, please refer to  HYPER-V and SYSTEM CENTER- Free NFR License for Veeam. Install the product and in my scenario has used 2 Hyper V host server : Node1 and DELL755A to simulate the replication.


1. First configure replication. Right click Replicas and select Replication.


2. On New Replication Job page, enter job name and select environment of your DR site. Options for your DR site:-

  • Low connection bandwidth (enable replica seeding)
  • Separate virtual network (enable network remapping)
  • Different IP addressing scheme (enable re-IP).

For more detail about the options, please refer to below screenshot.


I will proceed the configuration without specify the option for DR site.

3. On Virtual Machines page, select the VM that you would like to replicate.


4. On Destination page, i select “DELL755A” – my destination DR Hyper-V Server and select the path to store the replica VM.


5. On Job Settings, specify source proxy at the DR site and configure Replica setting such as VM suffix and retention policy. Click on Advanced to


6. On Advanced Settings, you can configure

a) Compression level (Low, Optimum,, Best,None)

b) Storage optimization (local, LAN or WAN target)

c) Notification settings (email, SNMP)

d) Hyper-V (change block and Hot Linux VM Backup without suspend VM)

e) Integrity check, etc

image image


7.On Guest Processing, select if you want Veeam to detect application aware image processing to ensure transactional consistency.


8. On Schedule page, configure replication scheduling and automatic retry.


Additional page for “Option for DR Site”- refer to step 2”

1. Enable replica seeding. Allow you to get the initial replica from backup repository and re-map the replica VM.


2. Separate Virtual Network. Allow you to specify the source and target virtual switches.


3. Different IP Address scheme. Allow you to change VM IP address. This option is useful when DR site consist of different subnet and you would like to configure different IP Address. Specify the Source and Target IP for the VM.


@ DR Site Server. Replica VM is created with suffix _replica


Replication report:-


Full report in HTML format:-


On our next review, we will look on how to perform failover. Stay Tuned.

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