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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Altaro Hyper-V Backup V3


Good news! Altaro Hyper-V Backup V3 has just released to public and in today post we are going to review about this product.

New improvement:-

  • Central Management console on CSV Cluster
  • Backup Mirroring & Drive Swapping.
  • Increased backup performance with Reverse Delta V2.
  • Schedule Groups
  • Live Backup of Linux VMs or Non Aware VSS Guest VM

To begin, install Altaro Hyper-V Backup V3 at Node 1 (Cluster Hyper-V ).

Download the installer (11 MB):- Click here


Central Management

The administrator can manage all VMs across all Nodes from a single console. This means that all backups, restores and configuration can be done from one centralized console.

In a cluster environment the VMs across all nodes will be backed up to a single backup target such as a USB drive, NAS, SAN etc.

When on a cluster, and a VM moves from one node to another, the new version 3 will detect this automatically and the VM will be backed up anyway – all without admin intervention

Let back to installation. The wizard detected that your Hyper-V host is running in the cluster. Therefore the first option that you should do is configure a Master Controller Node. Just install on 1st Node. Don’t worry. You can easily change another Node to become a master controller Node.

Click Next to begin.


Then, for other cluster node, select to install as Backup Agent and Click Next


Click “Install and Configure Agents” to deploy the Altaro agent.


Once complete, click on Altaro Hyper-V Backup shortcut from the Start Menu.

The program still simple. This is the 1st screenshot that you will see.


Some minor configuration and improvement:-

a) Select the Guest VM to backup. Just tick the VM.

b) Select a Backup Drive

Drive Swapping

You can configure Backup Drive or use Network UNC Path. New Improvement from here is you can enable and configure Multiple Backup Drive Swapping. The new Drive Swap functionality allows the customer to rotate backups drives on a daily basis. The drive swap works with USB, SATA and eSATA drives. These backup drives will be organised by a user defined priority and the active backup drive will be swapped accordingly.

This option only available when select Physical Backup Drive. No Drive Swapping when using UNC path.


Drive Mirroring

Another enhancement is configure Backup Drive Mirroring. Backup Drive Mirroring allow you to create redundant backup from existing backup drive. You can configure synchronization based on schedule or manual.

This option is not available if you enable Backup Drive Swapping. You can use Physical Drive or UNC Path.


c) Configure Backup Schedule

Group Scheduling

By default, 2 schedule group are created: Weekday, Weekend. You can create custom schedule as well. Once schedule is created, just drag and drop protected server into the schedule.


That’s how simple the backup configuration that you can configure in your environment. Let covered on others new improvement.

Reverse Delta V2.

With Reverse Delta V2 , the system can increase incremental backups at a minimum 300% faster.

When backing up over a network the new Reverse Delta V2 will automatically detect network connectivity issues and through a series of retries it will wait for the network to stabilize and will then continue the backup.

Live Backup of Linux VM or Non Aware VSS Guest VM

For the Linux VM, you can now backup the Linux VM or Non Aware VSS Guest VM without saving or resume the VM. Altaro Hyper-V Backup V3 will perform hot backup of the VM. This feature can be enabled from the VM advanced tab in the Altaro VM Settings Window.