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Friday, August 19, 2011

Running Android on Hyper-V


Note:- Not supported in production environment and no support from Microsoft. Test it on you own risk. In this video, i’m showing the process of installing Android on Hyper-V Virtual Machine.

It is meant for playing around and not suppose to be use in production environment.

You can download the iso from The iso size is around 70MB+. I’m using the stable version. Feel free to view the 10 minute of Android installation process. (No harm trying, Enjoy!)

Running Android on Hyper-V from Yoong Seng Lai on Vimeo.

For network connectivity, make sure you use legacy network adapter before the installation. * No support on this test if your environment cannot detect network. If supported, it will detect Ethernet Configuration and you can use static and dhcp to get the ip address*





  • Use [ESC] to back
  • Use mouse to select
  • Use Mouse scroll button, to move up and down.