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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Faster Creation of Fixed VHD

How fast can you create
a) 30 GB Fixed Disk – 10- 15 min?
b) 100 GB – not sure…

By using Hyper-V Manager, you can start to create Fixed Disk or Convert Dynamic Disk to Fixed VHD. Now, how about you plan to create an empty 1TB fixed VHD. By using the Hyper-V Console, it will roughly took you around 1 hours+.
Now to create 1TB of fixed disk within less than 1 minute, here is the trick.
a) Go to Codeplex and download VHDTool. This is the final release which released on Jan 2011.

To download, click here

Example:- 1 TB fixed VHD in C:\ClusterStorage\Volume 2.
Format vhdtool.exe /create “path & filename” size
vhdtool.exe /create "c:\clusterstorage\volume2\Disk1.vhd" 1099511627776
Thanks to ChrisEck to produce this VHDtool.