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Friday, June 24, 2011

Unable to Connect Citrix VM via Console When Using VMM 2012


VMM 2012 Beta has released since few month ago. One of the cool features is the support on managing Citrix XenServer without Citrix XenCenter.

If you have add Citrix XenServer and try managing Virtual Machine running inside XenServer. You will be able to Power on , provisiong VM using template, Stop, etc.

However when you Connect via VMM 2012 Console and you received an error message

" Unable to download VNCControl.msi from (your Xenserver name)”

and unable to Connect via Console. Now here is the resolution to solve this issue.


1. Configure DNS to resolve xenserver01

2. On VMM Server, use Internet Explorer to browse

XenServer name: xenserver01

Domain name :

The URL is case sensitive.

3. Install VNCControl.msi

4. Try Connect via Console from VMM 2012 Console. Xen Viewer will open the VM which running in XenServer.