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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Windows Azure Platform

Are you ready to move to the cloud ? Frankly speaking, I’m not ready but going to…

This year @ Malaysia, I have heard about moving the infrastructure to the cloud and most probably it is the trend moving forward. If I’m not mistaken, the heat of moving to the cloud started since Jan 2011 @ Malaysia but I not keen until recently which my work scope has increased to look into cloud solution.

Just to share with anyone that I just completed a comprehensive testing and demo to a customer about performing backup to the cloud with DPM integration. During the demo, I’m quite excited and fun as seeing most of my corporate data is transfer to the cloud as the offsite backup. Definitely with encryption and compression enabled to protect my data.

So what’s next? I’m going to test Project Concero (can mentioned the name as already announced by MSFT during MMS 2011)  which is part of cloud stuff and related to VMM 2012. Too bad, I can’t share more information unless the product is in Beta stage. But definitely I can share about the cool stuff which I need to prepare before looking into Project Concero.

1st , I need an account on Windows Azure. Here is the alternative to get Windows Azure

a) 30 day pass to evaluate Windows Azure and SQL Azure.
Get it from :- . Just use your msn id to get the promo code.
b) MSDN subscriber
Too bad Technet subscriber is not entitle on free Windows Azure. With MSDN subscription, you can request on Windows Azure account for FREE. More info, please refer to

For all usage that exceeds the free allocation, customers will be charged at standard rates. To avoid charges you should closely monitor the usage.

Hope to share more information when the time is right.

Virtual Lai