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Sunday, May 29, 2011

SCOM 2007 R2 CU4 Failed When The System Is Running Windows Server 2008.


A couple week ago, i did a POC for a customer on SCOM 2007 R2. The customer is using Windows Server 2008 as the base operating system and i need to install SCOM 2007 R2. Everything when out smooth with Management Pack installed. Problem started when I import Exchange 2010 MP into the the system. One of the requirement is i need to install CU2. But since CU4 has just released, then i just proceed with the patches.

Kevin has a nice post on how to apply the CU4 patches. here is the link that i personally recommended that you read carefully before patch the CU4.

However the patch did not work as expected and i saw the installation has rollback its action. Then SCOM SDK failed to start. Both services: System Center Data Access and Management failed to start.

Lesson learned… I should test the patch on a test machine before patch the system. Therefore i re-setup the environment on Microsoft Hyper V virtualization. Thanks to the snapshot features, i was able to perform my patch testing continuously without reinstall the operating system. Here is my test result which i have spent few hours to identify the main problems: OS, SCOM R2 evaluation, SCOM R2 RTM, CU4 issue.

Operating System


SCOM 2007 R2 RTM

Windows Server 2008



Windows Server 2008 R2



Therefore the conclusion is not SCOM Eval issue but is on the Windows Server 2008 operating issue when apply CU4.

Search around with Google and i manage to found the resolution. Thanks to Steve on his guidelines:- Click here.

Let me post his solution here in case his article is inaccessible.

1. Go to registry

2. Go to


3. Create a new

Dword : ServicesPipeTimeout

Decimal : 60000

4. Restart the computer.

5. Reapply CU4 with administrative right on command prompt.

6. Run Server Update.

Follow Kevin guidelines from here and you will successful patch SCOM 2007 R2 with CU4. Now i can follow Kevin foot-step and time for me to go enjoy my mocha @ StarBuck.