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Monday, May 30, 2011

Private Cloud Chargeback Solution

Why you want to implement chargeback ? Well, for those who are implementing virtualization, you may realize that creating a Virtual Machine (VM) is easy and sometime it become difficult to calculate as a  cost.

Your management may want to know why suddenly you want to raise a PO to buy additional server with extra resources. Then how can you justify different department or organization is utilizing the new resources.

This is where chargeback system need to be in-place. With chargeback, you have a better understanding of where the server resources are allocated or actual usage.
Here is the infrastructure that you require to setup Private Cloud:-


Private Cloud setup requirement:-
a) Hyper V Host
b) VMM 2008 R2 + SQL Server
c) SSP 2.0. I’m running SSP 2.0 with SP1
d) SCOM integration
e) Active Directory
f) Chargeback system -Product: Vkernel Chargeback
g) Sharepoint

Here is sample report of the chargeback system look like:-

a) Default provide a chargeback on CPU, Memory, Disk and Network.

b) Additional chargeback, you can custom your own field. Example: Electricity, Antivirus, Software Patch, Support, etc.

c) Resource Consumption graph on CPU, Memory, Storage and Network based on utilization & actual usage.
d) Comparison between 2 point. (Example: Today vs Yesterday, This week vs last week, etc)

e) Different customer customization either by department or subsidiary company. Chargeback and graph can allocate to specific customer.