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Thursday, March 10, 2011

VMM SSP 2.0 SP1 Beta has released


VMM SSP 2.5 or VMM SSP 2.0 SP1? The new release will called ‘VMM SSP 2.0 SP1”.

Good news, for those who's planning to implement Private Cloud. Microsoft has released VMM SSP 2.0 SP1 Beta to public through MS Connect. Now, what is the new changes?

Well, the interface is still the same. In beta version, there is no upgrade version. Therefore, you need to uninstall the existing VMM SSP 2.0 before install SP1 Beta.

Installation is still the same process. If you want like to know more about installation, please visit here.

Here is the new changes

a) System Notification (Available at Settings tab)

Via email system to DC Administrator, Business Unit and Virtual Machine Contact. With the notification in place, user will be able to know the status of each request , change request and the result. Besides than that, user will also receive notification for virtual machine expiration. The system notification is using Database Mail via SQL Server.


b) Import Virtual Machine (Available @ Infrastructure).

Allows DCIT (Datacenter) administrators to re-import virtual machines that were removed from the self-service portal and also import virtual machines created outside the portal but managed by VMM.


c) Move Infrastructure options ( Available @ Infrastructure)

Allow you to move the infrastructure to another Business Unit. The infrastructure must set to maintenance mode before moving the infrastructure.


d) Extend expiration date for virtual machine (Available @ Virtual machine).

Allow you to extend the expiration date on the virtual machine.


Besides that, this beta has included with management pack which you can import into SCOM to monitor the SSP component health.

If you’re interested to try the beta, please get this update from here