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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hotfix for Hyper V Best Practice Analyzer


Howdy! I’m have come back from MVP Summit. While i’m away, Microsoft has released a new hotfix for Hyper V Best Practice Analyzer.

To understand more about BPA, kindly visit my previous blog:-

To apply this hotfix, first you need to install the original BPA.

Summary of what is been fix on this hotfix fix:

a) Correct reported supported virtual cpu on Windows 7 VM use for VDI after apply SP1.

Currently supported is vcpu 12:1 . Previous value is 8:1

b) Incorrectly reported “Hyper V is should be the only roles installed”. With SP1, RemoteFX require Remote Desktop Virtualization Host to be installed on Hyper V host. Same goes for file share.

c) Correct Error –correcting RAM is not installed.

d) Correct report the minimum memory setting when using Dynamic Memory.

To know more detail and get the hotfix, please click here.

Stay Tuned,

Cheer, Lai (still Jetlag after 26 hours flight)