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Friday, February 18, 2011

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 has RTM


Finally, a long waiting SP1 (RTM) has released to MSDN/TechNet subscriber. Generally public release will be available on 22 Feb 2011. A bit late on announcement as I'm evaluating the RTM version on my lab environment before share with everyone on my findings. For those who did not use Virtualization, then you will not see a deep impact except patching.

Reminder who has install SP1 RC, remember to uninstall the RC before install the RTM version. So what is the changes from RC to RTM.

Well, so far the setting remain the same exactly like RC version. Therefore, let me recompile some related blog and share on some stuff that you need to take note on Dynamic Memory.

0. Backup the VM before patch Hyper V Host. (Important: –In case any failure / problem during the installing of SP1). Once complete the installation, remember to upgrade the IC to the latest on the entire guest VM.

1. Set memory reserve for parent partition. Recommendation: 2 GB

Refer to

2. Export VM consideration

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3. Dynamic Memory Setting on Beta version vs RC (now RTM)

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4. Hyper V Manager snap in changes in SP1

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5. What’s Memory Status in Dynamic memory?

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6. Dynamic Memory Supported Guest Operating System

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7. Why Dynamic Memory not working on Standard / Web Edition?

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8. Implementing Hyper V SP1 Presentation and demo

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Good Luck on your upgrading to SP1 to enjoy Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX features.

[Updated: 23 Feb 2011]

1. Hyper V dynamic memory configuration guide

2. Deployment guide for SP1

3. Hyper V Component Architecture (with SP1)