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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Transferring Huge Replica From 1 DPM to 2 DPM


How do you transfer a large replica , example 100GB from one DPM to another DPM server. This is what we called “ DPM 2 DPM 4 DR”. You only have 1GB bandwidth. You would not want to use Internet bandwidth to transfer huge replica via Internet. Even you did, how long would this process take. Let look into this example:

Site to Site

To solve this problem, you need to manually transfer the replica from 1 DPM (site 1) to another DPM (site 2).

On DPM (site 2)

1. Choose manual replica on protected server on DPM (site1)


On DPM (site 1)

1. Select the SQL Server protected server. Click the database and you will see replica path on the bottom. Click “Click to view detail and copy the path to notepad.



2. Next, is open a command prompt and type


3. Locate the GUID as similar as the notepad.


4.Copy the \\?\volume…. and type. Paste the path

mountvol k:\ \\?\Volume{9a49 ….GUID}\


This will mount the GUID to K:\

5. Change the folder option to unhide protected system. Go to My computer, select Tool > Folder Options > View Tab.


6. Open My Computer and Go to K Drive. Copy all the data into removable media.



Back to DPM (Site 2)

1. On the protected group that you have created earlier, repeat the same process as DPM1 to get replica path and mountvol to a drive letter. (Step 1 – 6 on DPM (site 1 above but using the replica path)

2. Once you have complete, transfer all data from DPM (site 1) to the new mountvol on DPM (site 2). Just overwrite the data.

3. Now, you have successful transfer 100GB data manually.

4. Delete the mountvol on both DPM

mountvol k:\ /d

5. Select the protected server and perform consistency check. It will run consistency check to compare the data on DPM 1 (site 1) and DPM 2 (Site 2).

That’s how easy to transfer huge replica from DPM 1 to another DPM 2 or another word ‘DPM 2 DPM 4 DR”…