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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frustrated with time not sync on Domain Controller running in Virtual Machine


Well, I'm not sure if you’ve encounter the same problem as mine but here is my problem that i always face when running Domain Controller in Virtual Machine.


a) DC Time always not sync and sometimes -out of sync-

b) Then, all the VM and Hyper V host follow the DC time due to the server is joined to domain.

Even, best practice we always recommend to uncheck time synchronization for Integration Component on DC VM to prevent time issue. However time is still out of sync (that’s what i called it”), especially to Hyper V.

I always manually change the time but finally i give up. Here is the step which i just took

Solution: Connect to External NTP server to get the updated time.

1. Download the Fix from Microsoft site:- and apply on DC VM.

2. On this NTP Server, change the value as highlighted below


After:- ( i key in according to my time zone). You can refer to

Asia NTP Server :-

Other Country:-


3. Open command prompt and execute the following command:-

net stop w32time
net start w32time

Voila !..I guess this step is applicable to Domain controller running in Physical server as well.

Well, no harm to try…