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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Catalogue SharePoint for DPM


In my previous blog, i have  talk about configure protection group for SharePoint (Click here). Then, you have created several site collection and perform recovery point. The problem now is why you can’t see your new site collection and drill down to item level recovery.

DPM will only create catalogue for SharePoint every 24 hours but you need to immediately recovery without waiting next 24 hour. So here is the command that you can execute to catalogue the SharePoint.

1. On DPM Server, use DPM Management Shell to execute the following command:

$pg=get-protectiongroup (dpm server name)


2.Enter command below to view the protection group in your system


From here, you will see SharePoint is located in the last. For the index, calculate from 0,1,2. In this scenario, SharePoint protection group is located in index 2.

$ds=get-datasource $pg(index number)

Start the catalogue process.

start-createcatalog $ds

That should do the trick and you will be able to perform item level recovery.

Just some hints when you want to recover an item in SharePoint 2010.

Q. Do i need a recovery farm to recover an item?

A: The answer is “No”. As long, you do not make any changes on the SharePoint 2010 schema, then you do not need a recovery farm.

Q. When recover an item, should i put into share folder or folder in C:\ for temporary storage?

A: Just a folder in SharePoint Database and Front End SharePoint server will do. This is just a temporary folder and content will be deleted once recovery completed.

Q. Can i use existing SharePoint database to perform recovery?

A. Yes. You can.